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Lavallette is one of the more popular places for people to visit along the Jersey Shore. People love the small beach town feel but also love that you can go to one of the surrounding towns and not miss out on any nightlife. 

The Beaches

Lavallette is home to one ocean beach and two bay beaches. The side of the island that faces the ocean is home to a mile-long boardwalk that is perfect for walking or jogging alongside the beaches’ dunes. On the other side of the island are the two bayside beaches. These beaches are perfect for surfing, especially during high tide. Just be cautious because it can be hard for smaller children to swim during high tide.

During the summer, the local community holds recreational activities that are open to the public, including aerobics, tennis, and pickleball. They also host a variety of events such as concerts and movies on the bay.

Away from the Beach

Head a little south of Lavalette to visit the Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach Waterpark. If you are looking to add some thrill to your water day, the Waterpark is the perfect place to do that. You can spend the entire day here between the wave pool and multiple waterslides. To wrap up your day at the water park, you can visit the Casino Pier! It’s fun for the whole family with a variety of rides and arcade games.

What’s a vacation without ice cream? The Music Man Singing Ice Cream Shoppe is one of the most popular ice cream shops to visit. The waiters and waitresses sing and dance around the shop while guests indulge in one of your many sundae combinations.